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To help small business and big business meet, to help small business advertise and display their products and services and to help verify companies so they can do business easier. We are here to facilitate the marketplace for business. We are passionate about small business and enterprise development and want to help you succeed.

We offer a verifiable database of small and medium sized enterprises for your needs - greatly reducing the time and effort it takes to find and verify SMMEs for your supplier development programmes. We find companies for you, so you can focus on business.

This site is provided for free of charge, we only charge companies for document verifcation.

We only supply your company information to registered users of the website for the sake of promoting your company and its products and services as it is the intention of this website. By using this website you agree to our terms and conditions which can be found at and privacy policy

In addition to an information website where you can search for and browse all the latest tenders, businesses and products - we also offer business verification services where we will verify all your business doccuments for potential clients looking for small enterprises to do business with.

The website is provided free of charge, you can create an account for free and subscribe to our weekly emails for free. We only charge you when you need your company to be verified on our system.

You can create an account on the registration page which can be found at There are four options for creating accounts - You can either Register as a Small Enterprise, Start-up, Investor and Large Enterprise. These options will help us customise your experience on our website and send you only content that is relevant to you.

Please send an email to for a quote regarding company verification, it depends on the type and size of company.

The first line of contact should be the Online Website Assistant, which can be found at the bottom right corner of your screen. If that is not sufficient, please send an email to We respond to messages within 24hours.

The information on this website is stored by Tati Blockchain Solutions in secure servers, our terms and conditions can be found at while the privacy policy can be found at We adhere to the protection of personal information act (POPI) and will not use the information for any other purposes that what is is intended for.

We can only verify documents and certificates for as long as they are valid, your verification expires when the certifcate we have verified has expired. You will need to be re-verified every time you acquire a new registration. Company Registration Verifications are done once off.

We offer real value for entrepreneurs who need a quick and efficient ways to acquire leads and meet clients. we do not charge for the services of supplying you with weekly tenders relevant to your field or access to tenders on this website. We are the most cost effective solution in the market for small business and start-ups

We make money when we verify your documents or supply big companies with your verified information for the sole purpose of procuring you business.


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