Custom CRM for your Small Business

We implement and host corteza CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for our clients, simmilar to Salesforce but much more cheaper and affordable.

Corteza is an open source free software - see their website:

But you need to install and host it - THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN

Unlike online based tools, where you are not sure where your client data is saved - to be compliant to new Protection of Personal Information Act and to keep your customer information secure - we can implement this self-hosted solution for you in a local South African server, that is secure and localized.

We will install, customise, host and maintain the CRM on your behalf. We will also train your clients on how to utilise the tool and manage client relationships. 

Corteza Features:

Corteza CRM - An enterprise grade free and open source CRM built entirely on Corteza Low Code. With product features and user experience competitive to large service providers such as Salesforce, Corteza CRM is the most advanced open source Customer Relationship Management platform in the world.

Corteza Messaging - A modern, open and scalable enterprise messaging solution, Corteza Messaging delivers impressive real-time communication capabilities and integrates seamlessly with the entire Corteza platform. The features of Slack, but without external dependencies..

Corteza Low Code - Build records-based management applications tailored to your organisation’s practices and create granular permissions to reflect your hierarchy. Launch as many responsive applications as you like and create cross-application workflows and automations where appropriate.

Corteza One - Corteza One provides a powerful yet intuitive user interface for integrating applications and identity management. Create the software ecosystem your business needs, mix and match applications on screen and manage identity securely and flexibly.


We have implementation solutions for businesses of any size, we charge per user and if your website is hosted with us - we will waive the hosting fees. 


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