Supply, Delivery and Off-Loading of Firearms for Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) for a Period of Three (3) Years.

Supply, Delivery and Off-Loading of Firearms for Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) for a Period of Three (3) Years. Issuer: City Of Johannesburg CITY OF JOHANNESBURG Bids/Proposals are invited for: BID /PROPOSAL: 593/21 DESCRIPTION: Supply, Delivery and Off-Loading of Firearms for Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) for a Period of Three (3) Years. BRIEFING SESSION DATE & TIME: N/A    BRIEFING SESSION VENUE: N/A    TECHNICAL ENQUIRIES: Mr. Jonny or Mr. Sam Sethagu DOCUMENT PRICE: Down-load for free from CLOSING DATE & TIME: 20 April 2021 10:30am EVALUATION CRITERIA: 80/20 Point system  Bids will be evaluated in terms of the above stipulated preference point system in line with Preferential Procurement Regulations 2017. Bidders are required to, together with their Bids/Proposals submit original and valid BBB-EE Status Level Verification Certificates or certified copies thereof to substantiate their BBB-EE rating claims. Bidders who do not submit their BBB-EE Status Level Verification Certificates will not be disqualified from the bidding process however they will score zero (0) out of maximum points allocated respectively for BBB-EE. Copies of the abovementioned Bids/Proposal will be available from 12 MARCH 2021 and can be downloaded on the National Treasury website at BID/PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL, AND MUST INCLUDE ALL INFORMATION AS REQUESTED IN THE BID/PROPOSAL DOCUMENT Sealed Bids/Proposals marked with the Bid/Proposal number and addressed to the Municipal Manager, City of Johannesburg must be deposited in to tender box at the main entrance, ground floor, Main Administration Building, Metropolitan Centre, 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein not later than 10:30am on the closing date stated above. ANY BID/PROPOSAL RECEIVED AFTER 10:30 AM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The prescribed reading of Bidders names will commence in public in the vestibule (Main Entrance) Ground Floor Main Admin Building, Metropolitan Centre. NO TELEGRAPHIC, TELEPHONIC, E-MAIL AND FACSIMILE BIDS/PROPOSALS WILL BE ACCEPTED In response to the Covid-19 principles of social distancing, The Tender Box is located on the walkthrough section of the Building and as such bidders do not require to enter the Main building to submit their Bids in the Tenders Box. Bidders shall only be allowed to drop off their Bids in the Box. Should Bidders wish to enter the main building, they shall do so only after complying with the City’s Covid-19 measures, i.e.temperature reading, sanitization, screening etc.) The Bid opening register shall be publicized on the City’s Website within reasonable time after the opening of Bids for all Bidders to view. In keeping with the requirement for social and physical distancing, and to avoid congestion, bidders or their representatives will be required to queue, one Metre apart, and wait for the turn to deposit bid documents. Due to the foregoing requirement, bidders or their representatives may experience delays and should therefore plan and give themselves sufficient time to submit bids, in order to avoid missing the stipulated bid closing times. The City will not be liable for failure to deposit bids within the stipulated times, even if the bidders or their representatives were already on the queue before closing time. NB: It is the prospective bidders’ responsibility to obtain documents in time so as to ensure responses reach the City of Johannesburg timeously. The City of Johannesburg reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any item published on this day.


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