Provision For Short Term Insurance Broker For Lepelle Northern Water

Provision For Short Term Insurance Broker For Lepelle Northern Water Briefing Session: To be held on 30 January 2020, at 10:00. COMPULSORY CLARIFICATION MEETING. Site Meeting(s): LEPELLE NORTHERN WATER HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS: 01 LANDROS MARE STREET, POLOKWANE. Bids obtainable from: NATIONAL TREASURY E-TENDER PORTAL WEBSITE, Cost of Documents: R0.00, Payment Details: DOCUMENT ARE FREE OF CHARGE, Notes: DOCUMENT AVAILABLE ON E-TENDER PORTAL ( Post or Deliver Bids to: LEPELLE NORTHERN WATER TENDER BOX, 01 LANDROS MARE STREET, POLOKWANE LNW BLUE TENDER BOX NEXT TO THE BUILDING ENTRANCE. TENDER DOCUMENTS NOT SUBMITED IN THE TENDER BOX ON THE STATED DATE AND TIME (11H00AM) WILL BE MARKED AS LATE TENDERS AND WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED OR EVALUATED For technical information please contact: Mr Mantsho Masalesa. Tel: 015 295 1800 Email: Hours: 08h00 TO 16H30. For completion of bid documents please contact: Ms Rose Mulaudzi, Tel: 015 295 1800, Email:, Hours: 08h00 TO 16h30. EQUIRIES TO BE DIRECTED TO THE ABOVE OFFICIALS. REQUIRED AT: Limpopo: Lepelle Northern Water: SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT UNIT TENDER NO:LNW 02/ 19/ 20- Re Advert CLOSING DATE: 2020-02-18 at 11:00


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