Pecu Nema Type 1800va Fail On (6279)

Pecu Nema Type 1800va Fail On (6279) Issuer: City Power Johannesburg CITY POWER JOHANNESBURG Bidders are hereby invited for the following RFQ, Further details are available from CITY POWER, Tender Advice Centre, 40 Heronmere Rd, Reuven, Booysens Telephone 011 490-7000, Fax 011 870-3717 CITY POWER JOHANNESBURG (SOC) LTD. ADVERTISEMENT REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: PECU NEMA TYPE 1800VA FAIL ON (6279) REQUEST FOR QUOTATION:RFQ CLOSING DATE: 18 February 2020RFQ CLOSING TIME: 11h00VENUE: City Power – Tender Advice CentreCONTACT PERSON: Masego MoiloaRFQ DOCUMENTS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON SITE AND ON THE WEBSITE AS FROM 11 FEBRUARY 2020 40 HERONMERE ROAD REUVEN, BOOYSENS SUBMISSIONS: QUOTATION BOX, TENDER ADVICE CENTRE Please note:- That we also advertise on our Website: Website Address: Available Bid’s and RFQ’S


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